Author: Sam Gonzales


Real estate credit for civil servant: hospital, territorial, national education

To benefit from the best real estate credit conditions granted to public servants , it is necessary to orient the negotiation in three directions in order to: Know and appreciate the services offered by your mutual in terms of guarantee and insurance borrower. Know and select specific banking offers for employees of the public service. […]


Investing in companies & financing

Invest in loans with an expected net return of around 6 – 8% *. Also, lend money to companies and invest in the future. Start investing  Expected net return from around 6 – 8% * Receive monthly interest and repayment Register for free & invest from € 100 Invest in established companies * Average annual […]


Online mortgage online: calculation, simulation with our calculators. Rate negotiation

Some generalities The real estate loan is exclusively dedicated to the purchase of a property. It allows you to finance The construction of a detached house The acquisition of a new apartment on plan Buying an old property (apartment or house) Work on an existing property. Namely : when the amount of work on the […]


The cost of a real estate loan

The successful negotiation of a home loan implies that the borrower discusses each element of his loan item by item . Indeed, the total cost of real estate credit does not result from the nominal interest rate alone but from the addition of several elements which deserve the greatest attention. While some of them have […]


Investing yourself

What are the benefits and risks of investing? At BinckLady Augusta Bracknell we are happy to be clear about benefits and risks. Investing and risk are inextricably linked. If you invest cautiously and carefully, the returns are often lower. Do you want a higher return? Then you often have to take more risk. Our tip […]